Grand Feast Finale

In 2023 we are going to attempt to bring back Paisley’s much loved Grand Feast Finale. It has been so long, many people living in  the village do not remember the event. It took place on the Saturday of Thanksgiving. The farmers of the 2006-2018 market brought a dish featuring their product if possible. They wrote the amount of their dish on a paper. The tables were heaped with food and villagers came and paid by donation. We sat at picnic tables and visited. At the end of the market we almost always came out within $10 of what was written on the papers. The farmers were paid for the food they brought and everyone got to enjoy a Thanksgivinng dinner.

Grand Feast Finale at Orchard’s Landing will look a little different because we do not have the space that we had at the outdoor market. Everything you see at Orchard’s Landing today will be removed and places to eat will be set up down the middle of the rooms. Food will be set up on tables around the rooms. People will come bringing food starting at 11 am. We already have volunteers offering to cook things for us. (Like chili and garlic bread) If you have a dish you would like to feature. .. this is your opportunity. We do require that every dish come with a list of ingredients attached. We will start eating at noon and until 2 pm or when the food runs out. Like a regular potluck dinner if you bring a dish that can feed the number in your party, you can eat many foods without a fee. If you do not bring a dish, there will be a donation jar into which you can make a donation. We will attempt to pay the farmers who donate food to the event. In the unlikely event that there is leftover money, we will donate it to Paisley Central’s breakfast club because kids deserve to eat. If you have chairs or tables to loan us we would appreciate them being dropped off on October 11 and picked up by October 18.