We rent space at Orchard’s Landing Paisley

Orchard’s Landing is broken up into 4 spaces and a kitchen. Which space do you need? You should find the space clean. You will pay a refundable $50 just in case you forget to clean up. In that case, all the things left behind belong to me including the $50. You are expected to clean up on the day that you rent the space or make other WRITTEN arrangements. If you damage the space in any way, I will make provision for you to fix it (provide putty and matching paint) and if you do not, I reserve the right to keep your $50. You are welcome to put screws in the wall as long as you take them out when you are done. This will not be considered damage. We will fix this the next time we paint. I just don’t want paint on the floors or walls. I want it CLEAN. 

  • North Room $30/day or $20/4 hours

  • South Room $20/day

  • Front Room $20/day

  • Street Space $5/day

  • Kitchen – free for people cooking for the markets

    • $20/4 hours. This price will increase as the kitchen becomes equipped with more amenities.

    • $40 if you do not have your safe food handlers certificate

  • The entire space $60/day in January and several days until June 22

  • A small space at a show as per show agreement