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In 2023 we are going to need a few partime employees. We are very aware that no one wants to work Wednesday to Sunday all the time in the summer so we will hire 3 cashiers and there will be a rotation. We have other jobs too, as seen HERE. I have not advertised Sunday hours, in the places I have advertsied so far because I am not available to back anyone up on Sundays. We will see how that goes. Send your resume that includes 2 references and experience dealing with food and/or toruists and cleaning. If you would like to make tags, i would like a copy of your printing and please be very clear if there are any days you are NOT available to work Wed to Sunday May 24 to October 15. I will assume you are available every day that you do not mark on your resume. You can get more information about what roles might be available at this link.

Be a Supplier of Food

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It is possible that you will want to use Orchard’s Landing to SELL some of your produce. We will buy from you by the pound according to a pre-decided pay chart. Because we buy upfront we reserve the right to refuse any product that does not look sellable. This opportunity is available to every resident of our village no matter their age. You will need to bring your produce in during certan hours that are currently undecided. Apply to be a Supplier of Goods HERE

Participate in our Summer Craft Show

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Similar to the Paisley Christmas Market, we will open the North Room for a Summer Craft Show. you will pay to participate and it is possible that we will have some rotation of goods. All products will relate to food, natural fabrics, repurposed goods or tourism. This show will look different than the Christmas Market, so if you are bringing product, please make sure it is different than what you plan to bring later. Competition is high and space is limited so I reserve the right to be terribly picky. Please do not take rejection personally. I have a dream about what I want this show to look like. Each supplier will sign a separate agreement. You will not be expected to work in the store so the fees will be a bit highter. You can apply here.