Earth Day is a global event that celebrates and promotes environmental awareness and action every year on April 22. Luck for us April 22 is on a Saturday this year. People like to do many activities on Earth Day to show Mother Earth that we love and care for her. Here is a schedule of what we will be doing at Orchard’s Landing on April 22, 2023, 9-4,  486 Queen S, Paisley
All Day Long
All visitors to Orchard’s Landing can choose their free baby tree to plant on their own property. The trees will be at the till all day long.
Chelsea from the Paisley Public Library is coming to do a seed planting and matching activity with 4-7 year olds. She is going to help children making bee houses.
All Day Long
Willard Metzger (not pictured here)  is bringing bikes for big kids and small to sell. If you bring your bike, he can give it a tune up and fix it. There might be a small charge for this depending on what is required. He will have a trailer available to take your bike back to his shop near Lockerby if you need bigger repairs. Also, you can go to his shop after the event and take your own bike.

Penny's cream puffs at 1 pm

I’m so excited that my friend, Penny is going to come and bake us some cream puffs for our opening event at Orchard’s Landing Paisley. They will begin to come out of the oven at 1 pm and there will be a limited supply! Be there! I wish I could give them to you for free and I’m not that rich anymore. Lol. You can buy one for $4 or 6 for $23. If you want more than that you better give me a heads up. And they might come later in the day. You can 12 for $45 and 36 for $108. They freeze well and go great for any lunch or dessert time! Every one is stuffed with whipped cream and topped with either dark chocolate with cherry, caramel or black currant. What a great way to kick off the season. Check out our other events here. . .