February Writer's Weeks

We will take 10 days of working together and create 10 books about influential Paisley people every year. These will be historical fiction books written at a Grade 3 level using Saugie characters to make them appealing to young readers, whom we are trying to educate and inspire. They will be written in a similar fashion to the Little Series or the magic Tree house series where there is a basic story and then a bit of time travel or a visiting character in each book. We hope to attract up to 30 writers er season to accomplish this amazing task. It will be hard to choose which families go first. by the time we are finished we hope to write 100 books and highlight as many people if not up to 1000 ( 10 in each book) so if you have a story in your family that needs to be told, please write to us to become part of the Saugie Series. A part of the proceeds of this book will go to funding the exsistence of Orchard’s landing and other treasured placed in the village of Paisley.